Inventory list Luxurious tents

1 hammock inclusive of stander
4 coloured cushions, 2 blankets
5 duvets, 5 pillows
4 clothes hangers
Dustpan and brush
Dishpan, washing-up brush and dish drainer
Soap dispenser
Coffee-maker and glass teapot
Coffee, tea and sugar pot
Singing teakettle, thermos jug
Three table-mat
2 x 220v multiple socket (3 plugs)
Colander, salad bowl
6 drinking glasses, 2 plastic cups
6 wine glasses
6 shot glasses
6 coffee mugs
Litterbin with lid, broom
Serving tray
1 table cloth
6 flat plates, 6 breakfast plates, 6 dessert plates
2 plastic plates, 2 plastic bowl
1 large frying pan
1 saucepan with lid
1 wok pan with lid
1 large pan with lid
1 plastic measuring jug
Cutlery tray, 1 plastic basket
Soupspoon, wooden spoon, whisk
Bread knife, spatula

1 cheese slicer, 1 cheese knife
can opener, corkscrew
2 sharp knives
6 knives, 6 spoons, 6 forks
(at least) 6 tea spoons
1 opener
salad cutlery, 2 tablespoons, 1 potato spoon
Toilet brush
3 tealight holders
Napkin stander
Wooden fruit bowl
Laundry rack
2 wooden deck chairs
Stool bathroom
Waterbowl for dog
ON REQUEST: camp bed + highchair, BBQ


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